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Dynamic media arts

We work dynamic media mainly in the context of scenic arts, understanding scene as a place in which is performed = theatre, dance, music, installation, etc.
Dynamic media arts = video, sound and new media (Def of new media: developed from digital technology, without being a copy of existing ones) used on a dynamic way, this means movement (of the projection area, for example), reactivity (to the public and performer), live generation (of image, sound, and light) in relation to sensors, image recognition and the digital processing of information (->  programming).


Have a look at concept and images of the projects:

Paraiso Punto Cero
by Integro, Peru 2011

Gesch NR. 4050/80
by rAumkAy in collaboration with LabInteract and Genghis, presented on the street Festival Art Dal Ort, Fagagna / Italy 2010

La Linea
by rAumkAy, part of Loquemeplace, Lima / Peru 2011

Have also a look at SerieB, by Cie Prototype-Status, where the live video work was to film the performance and then immediately project the inversion of it on stage, making the public see it again in reverse.

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