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h  A  u  t  K  a  i

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Gesch NR. 4050/80

Street Festival Art Dal Ort, Fagagna 2010


Context: The theme are The Undocumented; immigrants, minorities. To be presented on the street = projection on a wall.

Concept: The story is about a tourist who has papers, but is harassed by a policeman due to her nationality.

Idea: The whole stage setting is projected against a house wall, as a way of telling where is and have been the main character, and for introducing its counterpart: the anonymous omnipresence of authority as a growing abstract system of eyes which follows the performer. In one moment, the anxiety of the main character of being trapped and lost is visualized by a visual loop of its own live multiplied image.

This effect is made with live image recognition, video feedback, randomly delayed loops and alternate coloring.

More info, only in Spanish, in Gesch on rAumkAy.