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La Linea

LoQueMePlace, Lima /Peru 2011


Context: This was one of the performances inside of the installation Goce Carnal, which as part of LoQueMePlace (project funded by Iberescena) treated themes of sexuality, gender, sexual minorities and media manipulation (stereotypes, publicity, etc).

Theme: This piece criticizes a common men practice in Latin America: the whistling and production of diverse sounds as women pass by. This practice isn’t always funny for women, it can be quite offensive and little enjoyable, for it often contains a kind of potential aggressivity. The aim was to make feel that harassment to all public, also men.


Idea: Parallel to a soundscape which becomes more and more incisive, white lines appear on the wall, reacting to the sounds and this way emboding them. They create a spider web which glows in the darkness, and we recognize in its twilight how it tracks down a woman and haunts her, together with the agressive sounds, into a corner.

The live-generated lines are controlled over midi-driven Quartz programming.

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