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New Media
You have the idea. We help you to bring it to the public through interactive visuals, light and sound generation, and also with art, as a language with own possibilities. We call it Dynamic Media, for it can react to performers, to public, to Internet activity, there are no limits to imagination. And the aim is not a technological show, but an emotional effect.

We offer you:
- Conceptualization of the whole Multimedia proyect.
- Planning of the realization
- Coordination of the technical team
- Moderation between the technical team and the scenic team
- Implementation
- Equipment
- Control during the show

We use
- Visual programming
- Image recognition
- Mapping
- Sensors
- Hardware Hacking
- and a lot of imagination for finding any solution

We use mainly Quartz Composer, CoGe, Final Cut, Arduino, WiiMote Project, DMX control, and we have a team of people who are specialists in other means.

The pictures are of concert of Kukultech in X-Teresa, Mexico-CIty 2011, taken by Roberto Montiel. All rights by both of them.

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