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Film & Video
What we offer:

- Mise en Scene: How to visualize, by means of framing, camera positions and moves, editing and even sound design, the concept, the actions and the moods of what you want to tell, shall it be an promotional film, a documentary film or a fictional movie.

- Directing: The moderator between the diverse languages (and the people who make them: actors, cameraman, sound, etc) we find in media creation - aimed to the realization of the contents designed in the Mise en Scene.

- Camera: Filming with a style adapted to the idea you want to visualize.

- Editing: Montage, Sounddesign, Effects and the whole postproduction - for cutting, as in photography developping, is to start telling the story all over again. 

We look back on 12 years editing with Final Cut, more with camera handling, and good notions of the rest of related technical aspects (sound, lights, and so on).

 contact: leon
 contact: leon


Realisation from concept to product:

2010 Goethe Institut Mexico. Promotional and documental clips.

2008 Dance Compagnie CADMIUM
Dance Festival Scicli, Italy, and promotional clip for Workshops ->Videos on Vimeo.

2004 Dance Compagnie Minako Seki, Berlin.
Promotional and documental clips.

1998- 2001 German Foundation for international Development in cooperation with the Ministry of Education of Chile: Realization of pedagogic videos and institutional documentation.


2003-2008 German Association of Engineers VDI-VDE-IT: promotional, institutional and informative clips.

2008 Germany's nationwide organization for youth, education and social work CJD: Workshop in documentary film and edition.

2003 VDI-VDE-IT in cooperation with the European Union, 8. European Science and Technology Week. Project iWear - Berlin, Barcelona and Paris. Media for documentation and diffusion.

2003-2008 Publicity Agency Scottie Design, Berlin.

2002 Promotional Clip for the Berlinale 2002 Gala of the Cinema For Peace Foundation.


2001 Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Germany.
Camera-team in recording the first German-Mexican Forum, Berlin.

2000 UNESCO. Register of Global Dialogue 7, EXPO 2000 Hannover .